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3 Best live chat software for websites

Rating of online chats for the site. The most popular live chat app for business

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Live chat for websites is one of the ways to increase customer confidence in your company and boost sales conversion of your services or products.

Anderson Consulting specialists found out the impact of chat on the website on visitors.

  • approximately 62% of website visitors could make significantly more purchases if the site had a chat consultant
  • it has been found that in the process of live communication with a customer on a website, the number of orders for goods or services increases by 2.8 times
  • in general, 38% of website visitors make a purchase or place an order after a chat consultation

3 Best live chat software for websites

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1. SendPulse - go to the site

The SendPulse platform, which offers marketing and sales automation tools, provides a variety of tools to optimize business processes. In addition to the ability to install live chat on your own website, SendPulse also offers email services, a free CRM, a landing page builder, an EDU platform for developing and monetizing online courses, SMS campaigns, web push notifications, and chatbots for popular platforms including Telegram, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber..


The main features of the SendPulse service include:

  • The ability to conclude transactions directly in the chat using the internal CRM.
  • Saving the history of correspondence with customers.
  • Adaptive design of the appearance of the online chat.
  • The ability to automate communication with customers using chatbots.
  • Ability to accept payments directly in the chat.
  • Ability to send photos and files.
  • Convenient management of all chats on one page.
  • Support for voice messages using the automatic voice recognition system.

SendPulse also offers 24/7 support and an extensive knowledge base for all of its tools.



2. HelpCrunch - go to the site

HelpCrunch provides advanced capabilities for online chat, providing multi-channel and customizable chats for users from different countries. The platform allows you to customize the design of the widget and view the client's messages even while they are being written. In addition, the integration of chat with HelpCrunch's knowledge base enables customers to find the information they need on their own. All contacts are stored and customer data can be collected using built-in forms, helping to provide efficient customer service.

live chat HelpCrunch

The main features include:

  • Modern online chat that can be customized to match the style of your website.
  • Customer self-service thanks to the built-in knowledge base in the chat widget.
  • A single interface for processing incoming messages from chat and email to ensure a quick response to customers.
  • Active automatic messages that initiate communication with website visitors.
  • A full-fledged email platform where you can send newsletters, automate campaigns, create email templates, and increase conversions with follow-up messages.
  • Pop-up editor aimed at increasing sales and attracting a larger audience.

Install HelpCrunch on your website


3. #jedidesk - go to the site

#JediDesk - Innovative live chat service for your website

Welcome to JediDesk - your reliable partner in the world of website chat services. We understand that the quality and efficiency of customer service are important factors in the success of every business, and we make every effort to provide you with modern and convenient tools for communicating with your website visitors. Our platform allows you to install a chat widget on your website and gives you the opportunity to add additional communication channels via Viber and Telegram.

The main advantage of this platform is the ability to connect artificial intelligence (AI) as a substitute for an operator, which allows for high-quality question processing even when all operators are not available.

live chat jedidesk

Main advantages #JediDesk:

  1. Instant Communication: Forget about delays in responses. #JediDesk allows you to communicate with customers in real time, giving you instant access to the information you need.

    2. Personalized Design: Customize the look and feel of your live chat to match your brand. Choose colors, fonts, and other options to make the chat fit perfectly into the style of your website.

    3. Cross-platform: #JediDesk works on any device - from PCs to smartphones. Your customers can contact you from anywhere in the world.

    4. Analytics and Reporting: Keep track of your service performance with built-in analytics tools. You'll get easy-to-understand statistics and reports to help you improve your operations.

    5. Data Security: Our team pays the highest attention to data security. All your personal data is protected according to the most advanced security standards.

Don't let yourself lose customers due to the lack of a convenient communication tool. Choose #JediDesk - an innovative live chat service that will save your business from losses and make customer service more efficient and enjoyable.




The dynamics of online communications are constantly evolving, and one of the most important tools that help improve customer interaction is live chat. This multifaceted mechanism that permeates the Internet space is becoming more and more relevant every day. Let's take a closer look at this innovation.

Live chat is a reliable pillar of modern business. It's a virtual window that connects those who seek with those who offer, creating a platform for text messaging between your site visitors and you. Live chat allows your website guests to ask questions and receive answers in real time without leaving the comfort of the web. This is especially true since many people are more comfortable communicating in writing than over the phone. Getting answers quickly increases the likelihood that they will choose your product or service.

In this regard, let's look at a few logical aspects that explain why live chat is becoming an integral part of your "cyber strategy".

1. Improve customer service: With a live chat interface on your website, you can respond quickly to queries and solve customer problems efficiently. This helps to improve the quality of service, and guests perceive you as a reliable partner to meet their needs.

2. Increase conversion rates: The ability to receive instant responses to queries plays an important role in increasing conversions. The ability to ask questions without delay, without leaving the site, pushes customers to make a purchase decision.

3. Valuable information: Through live chat, you accumulate valuable data about your audience, which greatly influences the development of marketing strategies and product improvements.

4. Constant availability: Chat is available around the clock, opening up endless opportunities to communicate with customers at any time, even when you are away (subject to the chatbot setup).

5. Effective cost optimization: Online consultants, chatbots, and autonomous algorithms help to reduce support and maintenance costs, ensuring high resource efficiency.

6. Competitive advantage: In a fiercely competitive market, live chat can become your unique branding tool and help you stand out among other market players.

In conclusion, live chat is not just a communication tool. It's an area of complex interaction that helps improve customer experience, increase conversions, and give your virtual presence a competitive edge. If your website doesn't already use this technology, then perhaps now is a great time to start experimenting in this direction!


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What is the basis for the rating?

I form the rating of services, or goods based on many factors, which may vary depending on the specific industry or evaluation criteria. It is important to understand that for each service or product, these factors may have different weight and significance. However, in general terms, several key components can be identified on the basis of which the rating is formed:
Quality: This is one of the most important factors. The level of customer satisfaction and, as a consequence, its rating depend on how well the service fulfills its obligations and how well the product meets the quality standard.
User reviews and ratings: User opinions and ratings play a decisive role. Positive reviews and high ratings help increase your rating, while negative reviews can reduce it. I track and analyze reviews using Google maps, question and answer services, social networks and forums
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Reputation and brand: Respect and trust for the brand also influence the rating. Companies with a good reputation, which I track on the same forums, review sites and social networks, often have a higher status.
Competitive environment: Industry competition also affects rankings. Services that successfully differentiate themselves from competitors may be ranked higher. Most often, customer-oriented services win here.

These factors interact and form an overall rating of services, goods and services, which may change over time depending on changes in the business environment and user ratings

Do you use YouTube reviews from real users when compiling the top?
Certainly! Reviews on YouTube are a great help in creating a rating and complement it perfectly. After all, it is often the users who record videos on YouTube, those who actually used the service or product themselves.

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Over time, I review ratings and recommendations and change them as necessary. This could be for various reasons. It happens that a service or product no longer exists. Or it got spoiled, there were a lot of negative reviews or something like that

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