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Hi, my name is Alex!

One day I realized that I had to spend too much time when choosing services for my work, studying reviews of companies, choosing services or products. And I wished there was a site where someone had already chosen the best among the many and briefly explained to me why they were the best. And so that there is a rating with reviews. I couldn’t find such a site with reviews and decided to make my own :)

Welcome to my site. I will try to make it your reliable source of useful tips, ratings, reviews! So that you can find the necessary recommendations, reviews, comparisons on it.

Here are the main directions of my site:

  • service rating
  • product review
  • recommendations of the best services
  • reviews of companies
  • catalogs of courses and online schools
  • rating of trainings
  • tips and lifehacks


What is the rating based on?

I form the rating of services, or goods based on many factors, which may vary depending on the specific industry or evaluation criteria. It is important to understand that for each service or product, these factors may have different weight and significance. However, in general terms, several key components can be identified on the basis of which the rating is formed:
Quality: This is one of the most important factors. The level of customer satisfaction and, as a consequence, its rating depend on how well the service fulfills its obligations and how well the product meets the quality standard.
User reviews and ratings: User opinions and ratings play a decisive role. Positive reviews and high ratings help increase your rating, while negative reviews can reduce it. I track and analyze reviews using Google maps, question and answer services, social networks and forums
Price policy: The ratio of price and quality of services and goods also plays an important role. Availability and reasonable prices, in my opinion, can attract more clients and buyers and increase the rating.
Reputation and brand: Respect and trust for the brand also influence the rating. Companies with a good reputation, which I track on the same forums, review sites and social networks, often have a higher status.
Competitive environment: Industry competition also affects rankings. Services that successfully differentiate themselves from competitors may be ranked higher. Most often, customer-oriented services win here.

These factors interact and form an overall rating of services, goods and services, which may change over time depending on changes in the business environment and user ratings

Do you use YouTube reviews from real users when compiling the top?
Certainly! Reviews on YouTube are a great help in creating a rating and complement it perfectly. After all, it is often the users who record videos on YouTube, those who actually used the service or product themselves.

Do you do reviews on all products?
It is impossible to review all products. I review products that interest me and most people. For which there is a request on the Internet. Most often these are new items, something unusual or something important to people

Do your ratings and tops change over time or are they constant?
Over time, I review ratings and recommendations and change them as necessary. This could be for various reasons. It happens that a service or product no longer exists. Or it got spoiled, there were a lot of negative reviews or something like that

Do you plan to do such ratings, reviews and tops in other countries?
Yes, sure! I am a very inquisitive person and I am interested in how things work in different countries. Especially in those areas with which I interact personally. Therefore, I will make reviews, recommendations, comparisons, collect reviews in other countries. I will cover everything on this site in the appropriate sections.

Do you plan to do ratings and reviews of films?
Complex issue. On the one hand, I love watching films. On the other hand... However, most likely I will review those films that I really liked and about which I will have something to say and share thoughts. Especially if readers of my blog join these thoughts

What can you say about clinical guidelines?
In my opinion, this is a complex and very responsible topic, as it directly affects people's health. If we do reviews of medicines or clinical guidelines of all kinds, then only in cooperation with specialists of high level and appropriate qualifications

I strive to help you make the best choice, whether it's when buying a new gadget, choosing a vacation destination, choosing a course, or learning a new hobby.
My ratings are based on thorough research and analysis to provide you with the most up-to-date information. Whether you're looking for the best smartphone, laptop, or car, I provide reviews, comparisons, and tips to help you make an informed choice.

My reviews explore popular products and services in detail. I talk about the pros and cons of each so you can choose the best solution for your needs.
My tips are to give you practical advice and skills. Whether it's money saving tips, travel tips, or health and wellness tips. I aim to share useful information that will improve your life.

I pride myself on providing independent and objective information to help you make informed decisions. Welcome to my site, where knowledge is power and choice is your right!

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